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About us


Welcome to Sparkle Coon Cattery, I am Annelie van Vuuren. we am based in Pretoria East, South Africa.

We started our cattery in 2007.

 Our cattery is now medium in size. We began with only one male, Blue Diamond and one female, Georgie Girl. We obtained these two cats from Lenthall cattery back in 2004. They have both now retired. It was only nine years ago that we began thinking about expanding our cattery. We then added Roselyn and Daisy which we re-homed as well to make space for the new blood. We decided to keep Rex and Lily from one of the previous litters. Rex and Lily retired as well. Seven years ago we added a Poli boy named Sir Barnaby from the new owner of Lenthall Cattery, we also added Iceland Paris Emperor (Dante) and Kamsky's Russian Zarress (Zoe) from Iceland and Kamsky Cattery. Zoe was also re-homed after she had to undergo a cesarean with her last litter. We also added a Poli girl named Miss Patti Paige from Lenthall Cattery. We kept Zoe's last female kitten named Jasmine. There after we decided to keep, Cally our first Calico. We also kept Mia, Ray and Cinderella. Over a year ago we got new kittens from Chamonix Cattery, named Percy, Ariel and Dido. Also we kept one of Patti Paige babies last year named Gabriella, we also kept Merlin one of Cally's boys. Which we hope will breed beautiful babies in future.

Our kittens are HIV Aids and Leukemia negative.

We also had the pleasure get the approval of the SPCA, after a surprise visit two years ago.

Our kittens consists of beautiful blue, brown, black, cream, silver tabbies and torties and on occasion some with white, they are raised with love, attention and a lot of space. Our kittens tend to be very playful and love attention, so be warned they will not be sitting on your lap the whole day. The kittens will only leave our home at 12 weeks and will be registered at SACC - Southern Africa Cat Council. When they leave they are de-wormed and inoculated.

We normally re-home our grown breeding cats between the age of 7-8 years, when they normally aren't interested in breeding anymore.

Currently we breed with five studs: Sir Barnaby (Barnie), Paris Emperor (Dante), Ray, Percy and Merlin

Our Queens consists of: Miss Patty Paige, Jasmine, Luna, Cally, Dido, Mia, Ariel and Gabriella.

Go view more photos of all our cats check our face book page.

Contact Details:

Annelie Cell: 082 495 7136

E-mail at home:


We are also now available on Facebook:!/Sparklecoon